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Helping Americans reach financial freedom through loans and debt solutions…

Who We Are

National Fidelity Financial is an industry leader in providing financial services such as personal or consumer loans to debt resolution and debt settlement. We accomplish our services by using an unrivaled debt settlement process, as well as assisting our clients in paying off millions of dollars in unsecured debt, whether that is by helping them receive an unsecured loan or by properly guiding them through a proven debt resolution process. At National Fidelity Financial our corporate objective is to become the best debt settlement and loan Company in the world. We are considered by many to be one of the most reliable debt resolution and loan companies in the industry and National Fidelity Financial is recognized as a company that helps people become and remain financially secure. Whether you need help paying off unsecured debt, financial advice, financial help opening or expanding your business, loans for a car or house, or you just need to make some improvements and stay ahead financially, we can help you attain the financial security you need to succeed.


Group of professionalsOur company was founded to provide its clients with a better quality of life; a financially secure life. National Fidelity Financials’ staff is knowledgeable, customer-focused, sincere, and committed to providing our clients with reliable options with all of the information, support, and guidance that is needed to help them on the road to financial recovery and to help them acquire the money they need when its needed. No one chooses to lose control of their finances. As a small business ourselves, We understand that bad things happen to good people and that it takes loans to grow. That is why we are committed to our reputation of being a reliable debt settlement and loan company that helps establish and maintain our client’s financial future through personal/consumer loans, debt negotiation, debt settlement, and credit counseling.


National Fidelity Financials is a trusted industry leader, known for its proven track record and genuine commitment to assisting individuals and businesses with their financial needs. We understand the significant role financial responsibilities play in our daily lives and the stress that can arise when those obligations become challenging to meet. Our services are designed to help you secure the support you require to regain control of your financial situation and establish a solid foundation for future growth.

Life's major events can sometimes catch us off guard, leaving little time for financial preparation. Whether you're planning a wedding, purchasing a home, or expecting a new addition to your family, we're here to provide the extra financial assistance you may need. Perhaps you've been contemplating essential home improvements, but saving up for them all at once seems daunting. Our tailored solutions can provide the funds you require in a single lump sum, with manageable monthly repayments according to the terms you agree upon.

For small businesses, we recognize the pivotal role that a business loan can play in driving success. It can be the pivotal factor that separates triumph from setback. Whether you're in need of start-up capital or seeking to invest in vital equipment, our business loans are crafted to support your expansion and growth, ensuring you reach and exceed your business objectives.

Idditionally, we offer a debt settlement program for individuals facing $10,000 or more in unsecured debt, providing a viable alternative to potential bankruptcy. While this is not an instant fix, our expertise in negotiating with creditors can potentially expedite the path to debt reduction, potentially saving you years of financial burden. We aim to empower you with choices, so you don't feel compelled to resort to bankruptcy as your only option.

If you're unsure about your debt relief options or lack familiarity with financial matters, our Client Options page offers valuable insights to help you make an informed decision aligned with your future financial aspirations. We want to ensure you feel confident in the choice you make, and if you need further guidance, don't hesitate to reach out to us directly.


Debt HelpAt National Fidelity Financial, we attribute our success to an image of trust as a reliable debt settlement and loan company. Every day, we help people just like you receive personal and consumer loans and lower interest rates to help regain control over their finances. It is our belief that in order to maintain an economically balanced lifestyle, you must address financial instability and have access to the money it takes to grow.

Over the years we have helped countless individuals and businesses take back control of their financial life through unsecured personal loans and debt settlement, so we know what works! The bottom line is that we have been in your shoes, so we know how difficult, confusing, tedious, frustrating, time-consuming and just downright a pain-in-the-butt getting a loan and settling your debt can be. We want to take away your financial fears and provide the much needed, trustworthy help that you seek. National Fidelity Financial will provide you with the means to pay off or consolidate debt, buy your home, expand your business, or whatever it is you need in order to improve your financial life. Even if you have bad credit, or you aren’t sure if you will qualify, we will help you figure it out! Our results will speak for themselves, so give us a call or contact us today.