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Debt Settlement enables you to get out of debt quickly, potentially preventing the need to file for bankruptcy. This option helps consumers that are struggling with unsecured debt to reduce that outstanding balance to something much more manageable and quicker to pay off. The disadvantage of Debt Settlement versus Debt Management is that you are not taught how to budget and manage your finances, and learning those things can be extremely beneficial for your financial future. However, debt settlement can reduce the amount you owe by up to 60%!

National Fidelity Financial can help you decide which debt resolution option is right for you. Our financial experts will assess your current situation and qualifications to determine which of our programs is best suited for your needs. We will work with you individually to create a financial plan, and our debt negotiation experts will negotiate with your creditors on your behalf so you don’t have to. We want you to know that you have options, and we have the expertise to identify which debt solution works best for your particular situation, and we have the esteemed relationships with lenders to make it happen for you. There aren’t many lenders out there that do private loans for consumers that even have good credit, let alone those that don’t, and trying to do it on your own does not usually end successfully. National Fidelity Financial will help you find the lenders you need to make the funding happen. Here is what you can expect:

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Here is what you can expect:

  • Individuals or business owners must be struggling with unsecured debt and be unable to repay it. Credit rating is not an issue.
  • Contact National Fidelity Financial to begin the application process with one of our consultants.
  • Application and debt challenges assessment by one of our trained and certified financial experts.
  • If approved, you will work one-on-one with the same consultant throughout the entire process and throughout negotiations.
  • Risk-free to the applicant until the debt solution is presented and agreed upon by both parties.
  • Full compliance with the Federal Trade Commission.

All of our financial experts and consultants are thoroughly trained and have much experience in debt resolution and loans. We guarantee honesty and incomparable service for every client, no matter your situation. Aren’t you tired of dragging your feet in paying off your debt with minimum monthly payments? Let us help you create a new beginning with our debt settlement program. Generally, repaying negotiated debt can take around 3 years for the average person to complete. However, each case is unique so you could end up completing the program sooner. Settling your debt does NOT just happen overnight, but it CAN take years off of your debt repayments. Also keep in mind that we cannot legally help with all types of debt.

These are the types of debt that National Fidelity Financial can help you with:

  • Credit Card debt
  • Hospital and Medical bills
  • Vehicles in Repossession
  • Accounts in Collections
  • Unsecured Loans including Private Student and Personal Loans
  • Unsecured Personal Lines of Credit

The following are the types of debt that National Fidelity Financial cannot legally get involved with:

  • Lawsuits
  • Secured Debts
  • Household Utility bills
  • Mortgages and Home Loans
  • Government Loans
  • Government-back Student Loans – however, these can be consolidated to lower monthly payments.

Let us assist you in settling your debt! Give us a call today to speak to one of our financial consultants, or fill out our contact form online and a financial specialist will get back to you promptly.


We can negotiate:

  • Credit cards
  • Unsecured loans
  • Unsecured personal lines of credit
  • Collections/Auto loans in reposession
  • Medical bills
  • Gas cards
  • Overdue rent
  • Past due utility bills

Debt Negotiation

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We can NOT negotiate:

  • Lawsuits, IRS debt, taxes
  • Utility bills
  • Auto loans
  • Government loans
  • Secured debts
  • Home loans/Mortgages

NOT Negotiating

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Benefits of National Fidelity Financial

- Negotiate mutually agreeable settlements
- Avoid Personal Bankruptcy
- Pay back only a portion of balances owed
- Home ownership not required

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